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Wow Wee RoboSapien V2 Parts Robot
List Price: $224.95
Our Price: $49.95
You save $175.00!

We have a few dozen Robosapien V2's that are not all working right. Each robot has something wrong with it. Buy this V2 for your own robot project! The ones we tested power on, but it sounded like the gears in one of the arms seems to be stripped. Each robot has some sort of issue, so do not expect a fully functioning toy robot. No returns and does not come with a remote control.
Wow Wee RoboSapien V1 Robot Toy
List Price: $109.95
Our Price: $89.95
You save $20.00!

A fusion of technology and personality, the Robosapien marks a tremendous advance in remote activated robotic function.
Wow Wee RoboRaptor Robot Toy
Our Price: $99.95

With his advanced artificial intelligence personality, realistic biomorphic motions, direct control and autonomous behaviors, the age of the dinosaur has truly returned.
Wow Wee Roboreptile Robot Toy
Our Price: $119.95

An impressive mix of mobility, multi-sensory technology and a fiery personality. Roboreptile runs at high-speed and turns on a dime. Remote controlled and programmable with over 30 functions, his sensors allow him to interact with and...
Wow Wee RoboPet Robot Toy
Our Price: $119.95

The Wow Wee RoboPet is the perfect fusion of technology and personality.
Wow Wee Animatronic Chimpanzee
Our Price: $199.95

The Wow Wee Animatronic Chimpanzee is a life-size animatronic replication whose realistic behavioral sounds and motions is made possible through the “magic” of Hollywood special effects.
Wow Wee RoboSapien V2 Robot Toy
List Price: $499.95
Our Price: $224.95
You save $275.00!

Robosapien V2 is a highly evolved robotic fusion of technology and personality, combining fluid biomechanical motion with a multi-sensory, interactive humanoid personality.